About Us

We are your local neighborhood tech experts, it is our passion. Our team of installers combined have over 50 years of experience in the industry and have obtained manufacturer, industry and government certifications. This means that YOU, the customer, will receive the absolute best quality product and service. We are focused on making not only electrical connections, but human ones as well.

As licensed contractors, we provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to all their projects, specializing in a wide range of services. We are committed to our clients' needs and satisfaction.

We understand the importance in adhering to the highest quality standards in all of our projects. Our expertise in custom design and careful craftsmanship of engineered systems and a professional installation process allows us to provide long-lasting solutions.


We offer a full host of services to provide our customers with turn-key solutions.

Consultation & Design

Have a project in mind but not sure how to approach it?

After a quick consultation with our experienced team, we will be able to understand your needs and be able to design the perfect system for the environment in your home or business.

Structured Prewire

What wires and where?

Allow our team to build you a robust backbone for your network that will not only serve you today but well into the future. Investing in a structured wire network for your property during construction or renovations will save you money in the future but will be easily scalable to your needs.


Residential? Commercial? Our team can handle any installation.

Our professional team have the ability to handle any size of installation keeping the user in mind throughout the whole process. Our team's attention to detail will provide you with exceptional results.

Fibre Optics

We provide a full suite of fibre optic services.

Fusion or Mechanical Splicing

OTDR Link Testing

Link Identification

Link Quality Reports

Link Troubleshooting & Repair


Live or Preventative

We provide system health monitoring so you don't have to. Through monitoring we can supply ongoing diagnostics, system summaries and notifications of events.


Need Help?

We fully guarantee all physical installations for their lifetime, but sometimes electronics fail or malfunction causing a disruption to your business or lifestyle. We are here to help with remote assistance or onsite repairs. Ask us about our available maintenance and support plans today.



Control your entire environment with the touch of a button, with a custom built control package. Control can come in many forms for many different applications. Contact us and see how our team can help.


Smartphone/Tablet Apps

Remote Controls

Wall Mounted Touchscreens

Voice Control


Add another layer of protection to your security system. Keep an eye on the things that are most important. Video surveillance serves not only as a deterent but may also aid in recovery.


Passive Surveillance

Active Surveillance

Surveillance with AI Facial Tracking

Thermal Surveillance


Enjoy piece of mind that your property and possessions are secure while you are away. A basic security system will deter most wrongdoers. We can do everything from basic to complex.

Property Access

Make it easy for people you trust to come and go while keeping your business or home safe. Keep track of who is accessing the property and for how long.


This is the backbone on which all your gadgets connect and allow you to access and enjoy your media. It is important to have a robust network to ensure that there are no interuptions. Our team can not only design and install the best network for your needs but we can also remotely monitor for any issues that may arise.

Commercial Applications

Copper or Fibre Optic

Rack Building / Cable Management

Remote Monitoring

Residential Applications

Home Networking

Wifi Optimization

Home Data Backup


No matter the application, audio is one of the easiest and best ways to enhance your environment. There are many applications that can be tailored to be the perfect compliment.

Commercial Applications

Background Music

Boardroom PA

Bars / Restaurants

Residential Applications

Whole Home Audio

Home Theatre

Hifi Audio


A properly installed and configured display is essential to getting the best picture and performance. Our team can not only securely install any displays but will also optimize them for their environment. Be sure you are getting the whole picture!

Commercial Applications

Public Displays (eg. Menu/Ad Boards)

Video Walls


Residential Applications

Display Panels

Projectors & Screens

Distributed Video


Our team can provide cabling for telephones, debit machines or fax machines. We are highly experienced with single line and multiple pair backbones.


Analog Telephony

Paging Systems

Video Conferencing


Contact us today to see how we can help with your project!


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